Wedding Party

Brian Kelley


The man, the myth, the legend, only person to ever land the triple back, ladies and gentlemen... BK.
Lars and Brian knew they were going to be friends once they started snowboarding together at a young age. Ever since then they have grown as friends, through the good times and the bad. Lars respects Brian for his taste in music, ability to play guitar, and his all around talent for being able to do anything well.
Megan had the pleasure of meeting Brian at the very beginning of her and Lars’s relationship. In fact, he was the first friend of Lars that she met. BK had apparently tried to attend a party that, turns out, "was at capacity". This resulted in Brian spending the evening with Megan and Lars instead. The three stayed up talking and having a lot of laughs until someone realized it was 6am. This is an easy thing to do, as Brian always has something interesting or funny to say. He always entertains Lars' and Megan’s sense of humor, writing the most beautiful guitar riffs and happily singing the terrible lyrics that Lars and Megan write to his music. He is truly one of the wonders of the world, Megan and Lars could not be more happy to have one of their best friends as their officiant.

Mackenzie McManus

Maid of Honor

It is impossible to sum up a friendship like Mackenzie and Megan's in just one paragraph. The two met in their early 20's and had an instant connection. Self-described as soul sisters, they have adopted a conspiracy theory that they actually share a father due to the fact that their dads look so similar, their birthdays are a day apart, and they both share a love for classic rock. Mackenzie and Megan can be a force of nature when you get them together. They've been dubbed with the nickname "Mackegan" by close friends who would warn you to steer clear of this entity if you see them in this form. The two have each others backs no matter what, in the words of Megan "Kenzie is like a better version of myself that I'm always striving to be." Mackenzie is considered a best friend by many, which is a testament to her loyalty and the effort she puts into all her relationships.

Leif Nielsen

Best Man

Older brother, best friend, best man. Leif and Lars have the kind of relationship where they might go months without speaking, but when they do, its like no time has passed at all. Blazing a trail as a role model, Leif can be held responsible for showing Lars the importance of funk music and snowboarding fast.

Nikki Vogel

Maid of Honor

Born 5 months and 18 days apart, Nikki & Megan spent their childhood glued together since birth. "Inseparable" and "Trouble" were words their families often used to describe them. The pair had a bit of a rebellious streak from a young age which continued well into their teens. When they were 5 years old they decided to sneak Megan's cat over to Nikki's house in a backpack against both their mothers wishes, which did not end well. Shortly after, they experimented with a razor, shaving each others back and face. They've navigated all the awkward phases together like puberty, talking to boys, and dressing like a scene kid. Nikki has been there for Megan for all the big and small moments. Nikki is a "shirt off her back" type of person, often giving more of herself than she should to those she loves. She is never judgmental and always upbuilding and she has helped shape the person Megan is today. Megan is grateful to continue this close bond with her after so many years and to always have someone to act ridiculously immature with.

Ryan Polisso


Lars and Ryan met in the second grade and have been great friends ever since. Growing up, if one of them was doing something, you would most likely find the other right by his side. The more time you spend with someone the stronger the bond between them grows. Even though they live on opposite sides of the country, their friendship doesn’t suffer one bit. They met in second grade and in their younger days you could find them riding bikes around the neighborhood like hooligans, trading action figures, and doing things that should have paralyzed them. Without proper supervision, now in the form of a spouse, you would probably find them doing those same things today if left alone together for long enough.

Amanda Christensen

Matron of Honor

Mandy, the older sister, despite Megan being a sometimes difficult younger sibling, Mandy has always looked out for her. Their childhood consisted of the usual sibling fights but the two have remained close. Their best memories include karaoke performances of total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler, their dad creating near death experiences for them on tubes behind their boat, and belly laughing until they cry. Megan's favorite things about her sister is her big heart and her ability to make herself laugh. Look to Mandy on the wedding day for a stream of happy tears and her signature hula-hoop move on the dance floor.

Josh Jacquier


Josh and Leif were best friends since day one as they grew up together and were in the same grade, so of course, Lars always tried to tag along to whatever trouble these two were getting into. The tough love (endless beatings) Lars grew up with from his brother and his brothers friends, especially Josh, has helped make him the person he is today. They have a strong friendship and a lifetime of inside jokes. Lars is grateful to have Josh as a second older brother.

Stevie Baer


Stevie, lover of all things dogs, lifelong best friend and cousin of Megan. Growing up together, Stevie and Megan had countless slumber parties playing dress up in Disney costumes and making up dances to Britney Spears songs. Most of their summers were spent camping and going to the river. Not much has changed as the two have grown. They've swapped out Disney costumes for wigs and choreographed dances for karaoke in the living room. Stevie is one of Megan's most reliable friends. She makes sure to text her almost every day and she is one of the funniest people in Megan's life. She's never wavered in their relationship and they are both grateful to their mothers for keeping them close.

CJ Crausby


When CJ first moved to Auburn at the beginning of the sixth grade, he moved in four houses up the street from Lars and had a bicycle, this was the perfect recipe for disaster. The first time these two spent time together outside of football practice, they were taking turns riding a long board down a steep hill in a rain storm and crashing every time, enough said.

Calvin Campos


Calvin was introduced to Megan in their early 20's during a night out with Mackenzie. Her and Megan ran into Calvin at his favorite college bar: Riley's (If you know, you know) and the three of them drank the night away with lots of laughs. He has not been able to get rid of them since.
Calvin is an incredibly loyal and generous friend. He puts his all into everything he cares about, family, work, friendship and fun, just to name a few. He's been an anchor for Megan and is one of the first people she turns to whenever she needs advice. Megan could not imagine a wedding day without him by her side.

Moe Barrios


Lars, CJ, and Axel were first introduced to Moe their freshman year as a Coach for the Freshman football team. After high school Moe and Lars started to become good friends. Since then they have shared many laughs and many adventures, from the Florida keys to the beaches of Hawaii to the oil fields of North Dakota, Lars and Moe can be found making inappropriate songs and laughing until they cry.

Kylie Gray


Kylie and Megan met in their early 20's in Chico, CA. At the time Kylie was living with Megan's cousin Stevie and friend Mackenzie. She was somewhat forced into a friendship with Megan due to the fact that she often found her spending every weekend at their house and crawling into bed with her after a night out. Megan knew early on that Kylie was a caring and valuable friend. She's quick to tell you if you're being dramatic, she comes to the rescue with sweaters when you're cold, and she always shows up when you need her. She's beautiful inside and out. For endless embarrassing stories of Megan, please see Kylie.

Rick Fowler


The terrible, over used, cheesy, and cringe worthy description "A gentleman and a Scholar" actually apply to this guy. Lars and Rick have traveled around the world together getting into all kinds of weird wild stuff. When they get together their dialogue borders on the insane and there is pretty much never a serious moment. Their love for finding hidden gems within terrible movies and traveling will carry their friendship forever.

Kirsten Winegar


She is beauty, she is grace!
Kirsten and Megan met around 2016 when they were both working as Flight Attendants for the same charter company. They grew their friendship over time while taking wine tasting and cooking classes that were a part of their monthly training schedule. Eventually they both left the company but the two remain friends. Kirsten is always thinking of others before herself, she is incredibly organized and the best planner of literally anything. Witty, funny, smart, beautiful, a successful business owner and one cool mom; she does it all. Megan often says she wants to be like Kirsten when she grows up.

Louis Brown


With a smile and laughter that are infectious and a way of telling stories that will have you belly laughing, Louis is nothing but fun anywhere he goes. Lars and Louis met in the swamps of Louisiana and it didn't take long for them to realize that things were just more fun when they were together. Lars admires Louis for his positive attitude and ability to laugh in the worst of conditions.

Alycia Jones


Megan & Alycia met around the age of 19. Megan recalls the first time meeting Alycia, thinking how cool and pretty she is. She was kind, humble, she liked video games, she's an amazing artist, she can play almost any instrument handed to her, the list goes on. Unfortunately, for no particular reason, some years would pass before the two became close friends. One night at the Raven in East Sacramento, Megan and Alycia bumped into each other. They both had recently moved to Sacramento, reconnected and the rest is history! Alycia is a staple in Megan's life and she is even more cool and pretty than Megan could have imagined. She also has some great taste in music.

Mitchell Hammond


Mitch and Lars first met while sweeping the floors of their unit’s armory and waiting to be released to go home. In the military, there are a lot of times when you will find yourself asking “what are we doing right now?” This was one of those moments. However, they made the best of it by making each other laugh and easy to say, they instantly became friends.

Tacara Vogel


Although she doesn't look a day over 25, Tacara is Megan's older cousin. Despite being the Older/Cooler cousin, Tacara never made Megan feel left out. She was always happy to have her tag along whenever Cara and Mandy (Megan's sister) had plans. For most of Megan's childhood Tacara lived just down street and spent a lot of time with the family, boating, going to the river, hiking, and hanging out at the house. You could also find the three of them driving around in Tacaras Toyota Corolla, singing "Get down with the sickness" - Disturbed and "You gotta have faith" - Limp Biscuit as loudly as they could. Tacara and Megan still share a love for the outdoors, traveling and singing loudly. Tacara is a genuinely sweet human who always brightens a room with her positivity.

Gina Bernard


Since elementary school, Gina and Lars have been close friends. Living right around the corner from each other, Gina always fell right in with the same multiple, tightly knit friend groups that Lars was a part of growing up. With a great personality and an amazing smile, Gina is nothing but wonderful to be around.

Alyson Zeitler


Alyson & Megan met many years ago through Megans cousin Stevie. Megan can't recall exactly when but says that it feels like she has always been around. Except when she is at Disney Land, which is more often than you'd think. When Alyson isn't working towards her life goal of getting into Club 33 she can often be found being a self-proclaimed basic girl. Picture her wandering around TJ Maxx looking for "Live, Laugh, Love" signs and Monogrammed towels. Don't let that fool you though, she is also real good with a shotgun. All jokes aside, Alyson is an incredibly loyal person, she is sarcastic, funny and a really good listener. Megan is grateful for her friendship and excited to pop some champagne with her on the big day!

Axel Wadman


Their love of Adam Sandler and sports made them fast friends. Their time together on the football field made them brothers. Even though Axel will choose Jax on Mortal Combat and beat you every time, Lars still loves the guy.

Jacqui Bell


Jacqui and Megan met a few years ago in Tahoe where Jacqui and her fiancé Ryan were living at the time. Megan, Lars and some friends had rented a cabin and invited the two over. Jacqui and Megan teamed up for an exciting game of salad bowl, their competitive natures were a match made in heaven. The next morning, Megan and Lars headed over to Jacqui and Ryan's house. There, Jacqui made them breakfast, and then took Megan on a hike where they hit it off. Jacqui is an effortless friend, the easiest person to talk to. She has the most infectious laugh and smile and an abundance of moral agency. Megan is honored Jacqui has agreed to share this day with her.

Brian Fox


Partners in crime since day one and Lars's first best friend. Brian Fox (BF) and Lars met in first grade and began to form a bond that would last forever. As long as these two were together, they were nothing but trouble. They broke into the performing scene at a very young age when they absolutely crushed the Cottage Hill Talent Show (grades 1-5) as first graders with their reenactment of a scene from Indiana Jones Temple of Doom. From then on it was clear, these are probably two of the coolest kids to ever exist.