Wedding Party

Amanda Christensen

Matron of Honor

Mandy is Megan's older sister. Their childhood consisted of the usual fights about who's turn it was to do dishes and who started the fight to begin with... These things often resulted in their parents telling Mandy something like "you're older, you know better". Despite this sometimes unfair advantage the two have always remained close. They even found ways to get on their mothers nerves while getting along... this may have involved a late night serenade of totally eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler in a quiet campground... but if you ask the girls, the campers loved it!
Mandy was often tasked with taking Megan along when she had plans. Surely it wasn't her first choice to have her little sister tag along but Mandy never made Megan feel like she didn't want her there.
Anyone who knows Mandy will tell you that she has the biggest heart, she can make you laugh almost as much as she makes herself laugh and she always looks for the best in everyone she meets. She is an amazing daughter, mother, wife, friend and sister.
Look to her on the wedding day to see a combination of tears, laughter and her famous hula-hoop dance move on the dance floor.

Stevie Baer


Stevie, lover of all things dog, lifelong best friend and cousin to Megan. Stevie and Megan often hear people say that they wish they had cousins they shared such a close relationship with. There is something to be said about being born with an automatic best friend. Most of Megans earliest memories include her.
As kids, Stevie had THE BEST barbies and Disney costumes to play with. They spent summers camping and going to the river. Switching weekends to sleep over at each others house. When Stevie got her license they would just drive around and listen to music. Megan, Stevie and Mandy even choreographed their own dances to two different Brittney Spears songs, at slightly too old of an age.
Not much has changed as the two have grown. They've swapped out Disney costumes for wigs and choreographed dances for karaoke in the living room. Stevie is one of Megans most reliable friends. She makes sure to text her almost every day, she loved and took care of Megans dog Chewy (pictured right) as her own. She is one of the funniest people in Megans life and she's never wavered in their relationship. They are both grateful to their mothers for keeping them close.

In loving memory of Sherry Baer 4/3/51 - 12/18/2007

Calvin Campos


Calvin was introduced to Megan in their early 20's by their mutual best friend Mackenzie.
Mackenzie and Calvin worked together at the Chico state call center and quickly hit off. During a night out with Mackenzie, her and Megan ran into Calvin at his favorite college bar: Rileys (If you know, you know). The three of them drank the night away with lots of laughs. Calvin has not been able to get rid of them since.
Calvin is an incredibly loyal and generous friend. He puts his all into everything he cares about... family, work, friendship and fun, just to name a few. He's been an anchor for Megan and is one of the first people she turns to whenever she needs advice. Megan could not imagine a wedding day without him by her side.

Kylie Gray


Kylie and Megan met in their early 20's in Chico, CA. At the time Kylie was living with Megan's cousin Stevie and friend Mackenzie. She was somewhat forced into a friendship with Megan due to the fact that she often found her spending every weekend at their house and crawling into bed with her after a night out.
The two bonded over their love of snowboarding, wakeboarding and willingness to try any sport involving a board.
Megan knew early on that Kylie was a caring and valuable friend. She's a steady person (except for that one time she tried a 4 loko) She's quick to tell you if you're being dramatic, she comes to the rescue with sweaters when you're cold, and she always shows up when you need her. Beautiful inside and out.
For endless embarrassing stories of Megan, please see Kylie.

Kirsten Winegar


She is beauty, she is grace!
Kirsten and Megan met around 2016 when they were both working as Flight Attendants for the same charter company. They grew their friendship over time while taking wine tasting and cooking classes that were apart of their monthly training schedule. Eventually they both left the company but the two remain friends.
Megan considers Kirsten a ride or die friend. She is always thinking of others before herself. If you invite her to a party she will bring the tastiest dish AND make sure all the dishes are done. She is incredibly organized and the best planner of literally anything. Witty, funny, smart, beautiful, a successful business owner and new Mom. She does it all. Megan often says she wants to be like Kirsten when she grows up.

Alycia Jones


Megan & Alycia met around the ripe age of 19. Alycia was dating Justin, her now husband, who was in Megan's friend group. Megan recalls the first time meeting Alycia, thinking how "cool and pretty" she was, hoping they'd become friends. She was kind, she liked video games, she's an amazing artist, she would figure out how to play almost any instrument handed to her... the list went on. However, her best feature was (and still is) that she never knew or acted like she had it all going on.
Unfortunately, for no particular reason, Megan and Alycia did not become the close friends Megan had hoped they would. Life went on and some years passed by and one night at a little spot in East Sacramento, Megan and Alycia bumped into each other. They both had moved to Sacramento, decided to reconnect and the rest is history. Justin and Alycia are staples in Megans and Lars lives and Alycia is even more "cool and pretty" than Megan could have ever imagined. Plus she has some great taste in music.

Jacqui Bell


Jacqui and Megan met just a few years ago in Tahoe where Jacqui and her fiancé Ryan were living at the time. Megan, Lars and some friends had rented a cabin in Tahoe and invited the two over. Ryan and Lars have been best friends since the 2nd grade. Megan had heard a lot about the two and she was excited to meet them for the first time. Let's just say, Jacqui did not disappoint.
During an exciting game of salad bowl, Jacqui and Megan were on a team together. Jacqui brought her A-game and she brought some fierce competition mixed with the right amount of smack talk. A playing style that her and Megan shared. The next morning, Megan and Lars headed over to Jacqui and Ryans house. Jacqui made them breakfast, took Megan on a hike, and both her and Ryan showed them the warmest hospitality. Jacqui is an effortless friend, the easiest person to talk to. She has the most infectious laugh and smile and an abundance of moral agency. Megan is honored Jacqui agreed to share this day with her.
Morgan Ramberg