Megan and Lars

Please join us for our wedding celebration on the evening of Friday,

Our Story

As told by C.J. Crausby...
In a fitting first encounter, Megan and Lars were introduced to each other at a rock show in 2016. Despite a passionate and prolonged disagreement about the quality of music produced by The Beatles, it was apparent to those present that there was potential for something truly special.

Over the following months they kept in contact. Lars recalls that there was something deeper than Megan's obvious beauty that piqued his interest. She was charming, witty, and could more than hold her own in intellectual and sarcastic conversation alike. Meanwhile Megan tried her best to resist, but it was hard to deny that Lars' sense of humor and raw romanticism were leaving an impression. On 4th of July in 2017 Lars was able to demonstrate his value to Megan with a selfless act of heroism. Megan's beloved dog Chewy had been scared by the nearby fireworks, and broke out of his harness . The moment needed a consummate man of action; luckily Lars was there to answer the call. Heedlessly charging through thistle and thicket, and blackberry bushes to boot, he did not rest until he found the boy.

It wasn't until a magical plutonic night in the Desolation Wilderness that their connection really took hold. The two were bamboozled by a few of their best friends who had knowingly organized the trip with plans to cancel at the last minute. They enjoyed each other's company so much that they decided to continue the weekend in Tahoe, which was a recurring theme in the early part of their relationship. Just as the One Ring was forged in the fires of Mount Doom; so too was their love forged in the white-hot hotel room conflagration of Tito's and Redbull fueled musical revelry.

Since the relationship was made official(on FB of course) in December 2017 they have been inseparable. The two have traveled to Iceland, Thailand,China, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia just to name a few. On Easter in 2020 Lars proposed, and a short time later they were wed in a small ceremony at Carr Lake, the place it all began. Finally, in February of 2021 they purchased a beautiful home in Mather, CA where they reside today.

The Nielsen's cordially invite you to share a few of their signature belly laughs and celebrate with them on August 26th, 2022. See you all there!

Although we love your children, we regretfully can not accommodate them at the venue due to space limitations.