The Story

Megan & Lars hike...a lot. Sometimes not always at Megan's wishes but she is a trooper as long as there is the promise of good satisfying food after a long day on the trail. Lars makes it pretty easy on her and almost always carries the backpack and maps out the hikes. Megan is consistently thankful that Lars takes her to all of the beautiful places they have traveled together--despite the sometimes strenuous work it takes to get there.

In keeping with their hiking theme, Lars once told Megan he thought it would be a unique and fitting way to propose if he did it at the top of a mountain--something that is both very challenging and immensely rewarding once you reach the top. Megan thought this was a ploy, as she thought she would never get her ring until she summited the seven peaks! Luckily, Lars was a good man and she did not have to wait very long as he proposed to her at 11,348 feet on the summit of Marcellina Mountain overlooking the turning Aspens in the Crested Butte area of Colorado. Luckily for Lars, Megan said yes!

Megan & Lars had first spotted Marcellina Mountain in September of 2005 while hiking on Mt. Owen in the Ruby Range and both marvelled at how it towered 3000 feet over Kebler Pass and knew they had to come back to it someday; they just didn't realize then that it would hold the distinction of being the place they got engaged, and that they would have the honor, health and strength to summit it in 2007.

Megan leaving the summit of Marcellina Mountain.

Lars hiking along the summit ridge.

Megan at the end of the ridge.

Marcellina Mountain from Mount Owen, 2005.

Marcellina Mountain from Lost Lake.

The "trail" to the base of the mountain looked something like this.

Aspen leaf.