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December 03, 2008yourmcdreamy
Google will find me........Just stumbled on this website....Incredible story, incredible photographs....I wish you both the best....you both have found the best....I'm a former Chicagoan, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota hiker, so I know of what you have seen....sorry I missed the wedding....Hugs, Robert

October 10, 2008Luci
Yours is one of the best weddings I have ever attended, not to mention the invitation is by far the best one I have ever received. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon at this very moment. It was so good to see you and am so happy for both of you. But tell me, Megan, where is Carol? : )

August 21, 2008Mom & Jim
We are so proud of both of you,and content & happy you found each other. May your lives be filled with wonderful joy, taking care of each other

August 12, 2008Malathi and Ramesh
Congratulations Megan and Lars! We wish you all the best.

So here is a "when I was young" story -long before before couples could put up spiffy web pages, well wishers in a land far away would send cryptic one word coded telegrams long in advance. The post office would, on a good day, correctly decode these one word messages and, for a tip, deliver the telegram right in the middle of the wedding.

So here is wishing you "16" = May heaven's choicest blessings be showered on the young couple." or maybe "17" = Wish you both a happy and prosperous wedded life."

May 02, 2008Ginny
Congrats! I am so happy for you.
The real reason I'm staying in California instead of moving to Okinawa? YOUR WEDDING. I think you two are that awesome (and I never pass up the opportunity for free cake.)

March 29, 2008Kate and Steve
We are so happy for you! And we can't wait for the wedding. But why doesn't the engagement story mention Lars' hair and the "bears" you saw on the way down?

March 17, 2008Becky
Congrats! I love the website, the story, and the snow shoes! :)
I can't wait to see you and am so happy for you!

March 14, 2008Dad and Helen
Congratulations! We are so looking forward to your wedding!

February 29, 2008Tom and Susan
Dear Megan and Lars,
Megan, you were at our wedding 25 years ago (your folks just helped us celebrate our anniversary here in Panama). We are so pleased that you and Lars are getting married and love your hiking story. We got engaged hiking in Yosemite.

February 21, 2008Kai and Naomi
I can't figure out the math skill question! Help!
This is so awesome that the two of you are getting married.... ah... bliss.

February 06, 2008Jerry
Congratulations on the upcoming event.

February 06, 2008matticus
You seriously expect me to walk down the block from my house to get to this thing? Is there a shuttle? A shuttle would be awesome. Maybe I will ask Leslie to give me a piggyback ride. Oh, and congratulations. It will be nice to see you for the first time in years, and to see Lars for the first time period.

February 06, 2008leslie
we don't have to hike to the wedding right? I can tell you right now I will not be wearing appropriate hiking shoes. In other news, I am SO happy for you guys and I look forward to celebrating with you! Weeeee!! Lots of love.

February 01, 2008kj
Congrats! Bentley & I are so excited for your upcoming wedding. We wish you a life of happy times and strenuous hikes - wait, those can coincide right?!

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