» One website. Two people. Totally lame.

Were you looking for that baby hippo who fell in love with the tortoise? Their names are actually Owen & Mzee. We're Megan & Lars, and we're not that cute. Wait, actually, to be honest, hippos and turtles aren't really cute, even as babies. If you want cute, try the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, where you may see up to 6 puppies cuddled into a ball; a concentration of cuteness so high it could make Dick Cheney shed a tear. Unfortunately he would only be shedding a tear because he forgot his gun and thus could not shoot them.

So just who are Megan and Lars? Radical leftist terrorists who support such ideas as investing in education and universal healthcare? Or, are they part of real America? What makes them tick? What are their likes and dislikes? What are their credit card numbers? Where have they traveled? What are they doing today? Are they free for lunch? What about next week? No? I'm getting a bad vibe here, do they not like us?

Oh, we like you just fine, probably, we're just busy and we've had a lot on our mind lately...I mean, does that explain why this makes no sense? Is this in first person or third person, I don't get it. Let's start over. Megan and Lars are two people, from the planet Earth. Enough with the specifics though, that's not why you came here is it? Oh it is? Well then, try reading Megan's blog.

Looking for our wedding site? That's weird, the wedding already happened, but here it is anyway.

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

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This site is a work in progress, however, once it is finished, we hope that it will be the quintessential internet resource for information on fishing lures, past & present.